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Florida is an amazing region, full of interesting places to enjoy during your free time. If you think Florida is all about theme parks, forget it! Without a doubt, there are countless other fun activities to spend your free time. For this reason, I (Danilo Soares, nice to meet you!) have listed some interesting activities to enjoy in the region, check out what they are.


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 What are the best 7 things to do in Florida? 

Discover activities that are fun to do in Florida, enjoy your free time, and have a good time in the region:


5 stars florida things to do

 1. Everglades National Park 

How about visiting a park that is a swamp reserve? With an area of ​​1.5 million acres, the park is located in the southernmost part of the state of Florida. And without a doubt, it is a great place to be enchanted and enjoy, enjoying a day in contact with nature and abundant wildlife.


5 stars florida things to do

 2. St. Augustine 

Visit the city of St. Augustine, the oldest in the State of Florida, is undoubtedly a great way to spend your free time. The city was founded in 1565 by explorer Pero Menéndes de Avilés. The architecture, shops, and charms of the region bring a unique look and an incredible experience for visitors.


5 stars florida things to do

 3. Do outdoor activities 

Outdoor activities such as fishing, canoeing, and even hiking trails in state and national parks are great ways to enjoy your free time in Florida. There is no shortage of enchanting natural settings to enjoy these activities, which will bring pleasure to your free time and help you relax in the best way.


5 stars florida things to do

 4. Enjoy Florida’s beaches 

If you have free time you can enjoy beaches like Miami Beach and Fort Lauderdale, which have different and equally enchanting scenery. Both places are perfect for enjoying for a whole day, enjoying the day outdoors and all the charms of the region. In my opinion, it is definitely worth taking a walk on both beaches, even if they are crowded on sunny days. After all, it is possible to meet new people, have fun and enjoy your free time.


5 stars florida things to do

 5. Take boat trips 

Did you know that visitors can have an unforgettable experience in Miami? Taking boat trips in the region guarantees an incredible view. Enabling your free day to be marked by a great experience that builds incredible memories. In addition to being excellent for making beautiful photos for your social media.


5 stars florida things to do

 6. Go shopping 

I recommend you save some money to enjoy a few days of shopping in Florida. The region is taken over by large stores that offer the most varied products. If you like this type of entertainment you can put on comfortable clothes and take a free day to visit various stores, buy what you need, and have fun in the process.


5 stars florida things to do

 7. Tourism in the Florida Keys 

There, you will find an abundance of activities, attractions, and stunning beaches. Snorkeling, fishing, swimming with dolphins, relaxing on the beach, taking pictures, you name it… this is for sure a must-visit spot in Florida. You and your family are going to explore many of the hundreds of islands that make up this archipelago. There are plenty of opportunities to visit world-famous destinations such as Key West, Marathon Key, or Islamorada.

Take advantage of the fact that Florida has many options for places to spend your free time so that you can have fun, and enjoy your days regardless of what style of activity you like to perform.


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